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Martin Atilla

About me

     I was born in Riga, Latvia on the 3rd of March, 2004. 

From a young age I have seen sailing as a way to challenge myself and meet great people from all around the world.

Though sailing is not the only thing I have set my mind to excel in- physics, mathematics and economics are my favorite subjects that I plan to take in University.

2020 Laser 4.7 Youth EC-Vilamoura-04.060

meet MY team


Head Coach. Olympic Laser class. Always motivates me to reach further, do better then it was yesterday.  

Albert Rozin

Technical coach. Albert has  coaching technical expertise for Laser boats more then 35 years. He always helps me to set a proper alignment of my sailing and technical performance of my boat.


Athletics coach. With his special High Performance preparation programme designed for sailing, Leo helps me to work on every step in my development,  

Many thanks

Heading 6
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